Center of the Universe (short script)

A strange new visitor interrupts a birthday celebration at an AA meeting.

(completed 2023)

Cottonwood, Neb. (YA novel)

In the summer of 1976 in Cottonwood,  Neb., the only thing that matters to Scotty is hanging with his friends, growing his budding business empire, and getting his hands on the sweetest car to ever come out of Detroit, a bicentennial edition Pontiac Trans AM.

(to be published 2024)

Faithful Intentions (screenplay)

Haunted by his past, a Catholic priest battles addiction and a loss of faith while struggling to save himself, his family and his church from ruin.

(completed 2023)

Madness (screenplay)

A slacker and his social-media-influencer-wannabe girlfriend find themselves at the center of a viral spotlight when their March Madness bracket advances toward perfection AND a contest prize worth one BILLION dollars.

(completed 2023)